A Guide to Cannabis Products

Marijuana has become increasingly popular for medical and recreational use due to its various health benefits and mild mind-altering effects. However, the effects, benefits, and uses of marijuana depend on several factors, including the product type. The primary forms of medical marijuana offered range from raw flower, edible products, and topical ointments to fit any need or preference.

The best kind of cannabis product for you depends on your physical or psychological conditions, symptoms, and medical history. For a more detailed guide to cannabis products, get in touch to schedule a medical marijuana card assessment to hear more about the product options and their specific advantages from a member of our team.

Different Types of Cannabis Products

Below is a general guide on cannabis products and how the various forms offer distinct benefits and disadvantages.

Smoking and Vaporizers

When medical marijuana is smoked in its raw form, called flower, the THC goes through your lungs, bloodstream, and brain for effects within five to 15 minutes. Smoking or vaporizing medical marijuana is the easiest option for monitoring the dosage and outcome compared to other products. The effects when smoking marijuana typically lasts for one to two hours, depending on the quantity and dosage.


Ingesting marijuana through edible products typically takes longer to feel the effects, since the body metabolizes THC in the liver rather than in the lungs and bloodstream. The effects are often more mild-altering and longer-lasting, as ingested THC takes an extended period to metabolize through the digestive system. The effects of edible marijuana products typically take one to four hours to become noticeable and may last between six to ten hours, depending on the potency.

Topical Creams, Gels, Patches, Sprays, and Oils

The primary use of topical cannabis products is to treat symptoms in a specific area, particularly for skin conditions that cause pain and inflammation, such as rosacea. THC has anti-inflammatory properties and is excellent for chronic pain, so topical methods may be preferable for localized skin conditions with inflammation. However, the effects of topical marijuana products are typically milder than other forms of medical marijuana due to the method of absorption through the skin.


A medical cannabis tincture is an extract of THC and CBD combined into a liquid with alcohol that can be mixed into drinks, food, or inserted underneath the tongue with a dropper. The liquid is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream when taken orally, similar to smoking marijuana.

Distinctions Between the Primary Strains of Cannabis Products

In addition to varying forms of cannabis products, the strain of marijuana used in each product is a vital component of cannabis product guides. Types of strains include Indica, Sativa, or hybrid. Though some qualities overlap between the distinct categories, each type of marijuana offers its own benefits. However, an individual’s specific experiences with each strain may vary due to multiple factors.


A Sativa-leaning form of medical marijuana is a cerebral high and more energizing, with boosts in creativity and productivity for some. In addition, Sativa marijuana could reduce nausea and headaches while increasing appetite and a feeling of euphoria. However, this form of cannabis also could increase paranoia and anxiety for some individuals.


Alternatively, an Indica-based medical marijuana product offers a more relaxed body high that reduces anxiety, nausea, and general pain. Indica cannabis products also increase a user’s appetite and could be used as a sleep aid due to their relaxing qualities.

Schedule a Consultation for More Guidance on Cannabis Products

Cannabis has many physical and mental benefits for individuals who suffer from a broad spectrum of conditions, most commonly chronic pain and anxiety disorders. The popular forms for ingesting medical marijuana include edibles, topical products, tinctures, vaporizers, and traditional smoking in its raw form.

However, the THC and CBD content are essential considerations in addition to the type of product. For a more in-depth guide to cannabis products, reach out for a medical marijuana card examination.

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