Benefits of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

Although marijuana is being legalized in more and more states, it is important not to discount the benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card, especially if you are a consistent...
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Common Strains Used for Medical Marijuana Patients

Research estimates that there could be more than 700 strains of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid marijuana that contain distinct ratios of THC and CBD cannabinoids. Though the options for types...
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What Conditions Can Be Treated with Medical Marijuana?

The medical and emotional benefits of medical marijuana include a broad spectrum of perks, including managing and treating various physical and mental conditions. However, the misinformation surrounding the benefits and...
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History of Medical Marijuana

Though medical marijuana has only recently become legal in some areas of the United States, and is still illegal in several others, the history of medical marijuana spans thousands of...
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A Guide to Understanding Medical Marijuana Terminology

Though medical marijuana may seem like a straightforward treatment, there are many specific details to consider when deciding on the best products and treatment plan for you. For instance, marijuana...
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A Guide to Cannabis Products

Marijuana has become increasingly popular for medical and recreational use due to its various health benefits and mild mind-altering effects. However, the effects, benefits, and uses of marijuana depend on...
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