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Although marijuana for recreational purposes is legal, there are limitations on what you can buy, how much you can buy, and how many plants you can own privately. Alternatively, a medical license for marijuana, or a red card, offers more freedom for individuals suffering from long-term conditions. For instance, medical marijuana could be a suitable treatment for physical and psychological ailments, such as cancer and PTSD.

In addition to having a qualifying condition, you must get a recommendation from Dr. Ronald Frenkel, a licensed medical marijuana doctor in Denver. The process requires a quick medical marijuana evaluation, typically taking up to half an hour, that is convenient for your schedule. Call Medical Marijuana Exams of Colorado for an appointment if you are interested in undergoing an evaluation and discussing details further.

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What Can You Do with a Denver Medical License for Marijuana?

Medical licenses for marijuana primarily allow users to have higher limits for growing, buying, and owning marijuana products.

Amount of Plants: For example, a license permits the user to purchase two ounces per day compared to one ounce. Further, recreational households may have no more than 12 plants, while patients may have up to 99 plants, depending on their doctor’s recommendation.

THC Content: A medical license holder may purchase items with 200,500 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for edible products and concentrates of up to 40 grams. Comparatively, recreational users are allowed edible products containing 800 milligrams of THC and concentrates of up to eight grams, a noticeably lower amount than medical users.

Price-Matching: Another noteworthy red card benefit is the price reduction of the products to ensure equal access for all people. Dr. Frenkel provides guaranteed, competitive price-matching that extends to discounts found elsewhere to ensure the lowest prices for medical marijuana in Denver.

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Managing the symptoms of a chronic condition could require prescriptions such as opioids, which have high rates of addiction. People with a qualifying medical condition who want alternative symptom management should consider working with a medical marijuana doctor in Denver. After an initial evaluation, your red card is valid for 12 months and guarantees the lowest prices for available products.

Although renewing your license requires a yearly examination, the benefits are worthwhile, and appointments only take 20 to 30 minutes at most. Due to the reduced prices and higher doses of THC in medical products, many people find the benefits of a red card invaluable. Reach out to MMJ Exams of Colorado to schedule a consultation, discuss your medical history, and determine your red card candidacy.

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