History of Medical Marijuana

Though medical marijuana has only recently become legal in some areas of the United States, and is still illegal in several others, the history of medical marijuana spans thousands of years. The primary uses of medical marijuana have also changed over time, but the drug has been regarded to have medical healing qualities for most of its time. For instance, medical marijuana has been present throughout the world, including ancient Asian civilizations, the Roman Empire, and early colonial America.

In modern days, medical marijuana has several medical uses ranging from treating specific physical ailments to managing the symptoms of some psychological disorders. Since medical marijuana is still not legal in every area, many individuals get a medical marijuana card to obtain the treatment method legally. If you are also interested in a card, call MMJ Exams of Colorado for an assessment to hear more about the history of medical marijuana and its possible benefits.

Early History and Uses of Medical Marijuana

The original use of marijuana for medical purposes occurred in Asia, most likely in western China or central Asia, as early as 2800 BC. However, the use of medical marijuana was not exclusive to Asia and is well-documented in several other ancient cultures, including Roman, Greek, Indian Hindus, and Assyrians. During its early history, medical marijuana was often regarded as a religious product due to its healing properties, with some references in older versions of the Bible.

Medical marijuana continued to play a significant role in medicine throughout several centuries, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and other periods leading up to the twentieth century. During these periods, marijuana was often used as a medical treatment for depression, vomiting, diarrhea, appetite stimulation, et cetera. During the 1800s, medical marijuana had a broad spectrum of medical purposes in the Victorian era, including treating menstrual cramps, rabies, epilepsy, muscle spasms, and insomnia.

Modern History of Medical Marijuana and Common Uses

Medical marijuana’s modern history encompasses significant shifts from earlier points of view on the drug, with the substance becoming illegal in the United States in 1937. Between 1937 and 1970, the excessive tax signed into law from the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 stopped the mainstream use of medical and recreational marijuana. Then, in 1970, the U.S. government legally recognized marijuana as a controlled substance with no accepted medical use due to an unproven high risk of addiction.

Despite marijuana being illegal for a large portion of the twentieth century, many people continued to use it recreationally afterward due to its wide acceptance. For instance, several historical records document the use and growth of marijuana for medical purposes by several founding fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

As marijuana has been more widely accepted for recreational and medicinal purposes, more places are lifting restrictions on the drug for particular purposes. Common modern medical uses for marijuana often include treatment for anxiety, PTSD, inflammatory bowel syndrome, Alzheimer’s, general pain, inflammation, and much more. However, due to the anti-marijuana propaganda that was common during the early and mid-1900s, the popularity of medical marijuana is still less than during its early history.

Learn More About the Medical Marijuana’s History During an Examination

Throughout the world’s extensive and complicated history, medical marijuana has remained a popular treatment method except in more recent times. However, as the history of medical marijuana spans the course of thousands of years, its purposes and public perception have remained significant.

Since the history of medical marijuana includes a considerable number of cultures, time periods, and mainstream opinions, an in-person meeting is a better way to learn more. Get in touch with Dr. Ronal Frenkel for a medical marijuana assessment if you are interested in hearing more about the treatment’s history and are considering getting a medical marijuana card.

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