Benefits of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

Although marijuana is being legalized in more and more states, it is important not to discount the benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card, especially if you are a consistent user. For instance, you save money and have peace of mind knowing you have extra legal protection regarding marijuana possession and use.

Medical Marijuana Card Benefits for Products and Prices

Some of the greatest advantages of obtaining a medical marijuana card for patients include reduced price and taxes on products. Since the items are for medical purposes, the state does not impose nearly as high a tax or price as on recreational marijuana. As a result, medical marijuana products are consistently cheaper as compared to the same products sold for recreation.

A medical marijuana card also allows access to a broader spectrum of products that contain marijuana, from vapes, to concentrates, flower, edibles, etc. The products also have higher potency limits than recreational products since patients rely on medical marijuana for essential needs that improve overall well-being.

An additional benefit of a medical card is ensuring the medical marijuana products you consume are high quality and made with safe ingredients that do not pose more risks. Finally, medical marijuana patients often do not have to wait in line at dispensaries, and they receive preferential treatment due to their essential need for products and care. For instance, medical marijuana patients may get certain discounts and perks at particular dispensary stores not available to recreational buyers.

Additional Legal and Use Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card

A primary motivation for many medical marijuana cardholders is the peace of mind from the legal protections that apply uniquely to them. For instance, medical marijuana patients are able to grow, possess, and purchase more marijuana products than recreational users, but it does not allow you to buy marijuana in other states.

Recreational marijuana use is limited to those aged 21 or older, but a benefit of getting a medical marijuana card is that it is not limited by age. Those aged 20 and younger, including minors, may qualify for a medical marijuana card if there is a significant medical need, such as if they are suffering from PTSD or seizures.

Get in Touch to Learn More About the Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

The acceptance of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes has been steadily increasing in recent years as more states legalize it for various reasons. Though you may be able to obtain recreational marijuana, you may want to consider the significant benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card for purchasing, growing, possessing, and using the drug.

A medical marijuana card saves you time and money on purchases and gives you access to more products with increased effects due to higher THC doses. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a medical card and the application process, contact the professionals at Medical Marijuana Exams of Colorado and set up an appointment.

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